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News and updates



  • Temporary summer break in server operations.
    My RB3D server and metaserver will be down during the period 5 July - 1 August 2021 due to vacation and technical maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Links page updated with link to Flybert's Chateau, a famous RB3D web site with aircraft paint sets for MMP and lots of other useful stuff. A gold mine for RB3D modders. Recently resurrected after being lost for many years!
  • Links page updated with link to "rb3d.boards.net" forum.
  • The IP address to my meta server and RB3D servers has changed to
  • Pilots: Make sure your mplayer.ini file contains the following meta server address in the MetaServers section:

    Server=TCP: ; Swordfish

  • Server operators: Make sure your rb2server.ini file contains the following meta server info:

    // * * * * META-SERVER SETTINGS * * * *
    TCP: ; Swordfish

  • Temporary summer break in server operation.
    My RB3D server and metaserver will be down during the period 29 July - 15 August 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Cap'n Darwin's Full Canvas Jacket Control Panel has been added to the Downloads page since his download page has disappeared. It is not only useful for tweaking the FCJ patch, you can in fact install and use this program with any version of Red Baron (Clean, Hell's Angels, WFP, etc).

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About Red Baron 3D

Hawker_v_Richtofen.jpg (60748 bytes)

Lanoe Hawker's famous duel with Baron Manfred von Richthofen (screen shot from Red Baron 3D).
Click on image to see it in full size.

Red Baron 3D (RB3D) from Dynamix/Sierra is a WW1 aerial combat flight simulator focusing on an era when men were made of steel and planes were made of canvas and wood! Red Baron 3D was originally released in 1998 and  included 3Dfx graphics as the major improvement over previous versions. It is still considered to be the best WW1 flight sim ever made. In addition to an amazing dynamic campaign function in single player (SP) mode, multiplayer online flying (MMP) is well supported in Red Baron 3D. You can play in a LAN or on the internet free of charge. You can either join in on a public server or start your own server using the free MMP server software.

The most attractive thing with Red Baron 3D is the active player's community that still produces amazing patches and enhancements after all these years. There is still a number of active players who play RB3D online, and you can find many public servers offering different game play scenarios.

GettingStarted with RB3D


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