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Red Baron 3D links

  Red Baron Pack

A software package including Red Baron 3D can be purchased online from Gog.com. They also run a Red Baron 3D forum.

A forum mainly visited by pilots flying in the War@4 MMP server games.
 Rens's Flight simulation page

High quality aircraft and scenery downloads, plus lots of other useful stuff.

   Flybert's Chateau

A famous RB3D web site with aircraft paint sets for MMP and lots of other useful stuff. A gold mine for RB3D modders!

 Hell's Angels SuperPatch (HASP)

HASP includes effects, objects, high quality plane skins, damage models, flight models, sounds, and shell enhancements for the original Red Baron 3D single player game. A special separate version of the patch is also available for MMP.

Society of WWI Sim Artisans  A group of artists sharing information, 3d models and graphics for Red Baron. The SWWISA web site (http://www.swwisa.net/) is gone, but SWWISA also has a forum that is still visited by some of the legendary patch makers. If you need advice about RB3D tech stuff, this is the place to go!
Von Oben's Flight Sim Mods Von Oben's Flight Sim Mods

A number of patches and add-ons for Red Baron 3D that are difficult to find elesewhere.

Wings of Honor

Web site dedicated to WW1 flight simulators with  a big Red Baron 3D download archive.


An RB3D forum mainly visited by MMP pilots.

SimHQ SimHQ Red Baron forum

Forum for the Red baron 3D community (read only, but still worth reading). Many hints about game setup and problem fixes.

rb3dlogo.gif (11132 bytes) The Sierra Help Pages - Red Baron Series Updates
A collection of game updates and patches from Sierra for the Red Baron series of flight sims.
Rb2 Sygrod's Red Baron tech site
An old site with useful technical info about the game if you like tinkering ;-). The site was originally focused on Red Baron II, but a lot of the stuff also applies to RB3D.
The original site is gone, but I have found this copy on the 'Wayback Machine' internet archive.
RFC 266 RB3D Patching Tutorial
by Robert Elliot

The best article on this subject written so far

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