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Getting started

A short step-by-step guide for getting started with Red Baron 3D

  1. Install the game from the CD.
    If you don't have a game CD, the game can be purchased online from http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/red_baron_pack.
    There is one issue with the GOG RB3D package related to online MMP play. GOG modified the barronmmp.exe so the game will not ask for the CD. The problem is that most servers that folk fly in has security which sees the modified exe as a hack. (it fails the checksum). If you want to fly MMP without getting booted from secure servers, you need a non-modified baronmmp.exe. You can download the original version  ( of baronmmp.exe here. It will tell you the CD is missing and ask for the CD. This can be circumvented by clicking on the upper right cross six times to start the game.

    The User Manual can be downloaded from here (638 kB).

    The  Red Baron 3D keyboard Reference Card can be downloaded from here (244 kB).
  2. Download and install the RB3D First Aid Kit (2.4 MB).

    The "RB3D First Aid Kit" helps get Red Baron 3D running properly on newer, faster PCs.  It addresses video, sound, joystick, and game speed issues. The kit contains a "wizard" program that can help you install the appropriate programs and files, based on your PC’s hardware and software configurations. The "wizard" can also uninstall "first aid kit" files and programs. The "RB3D1078.exe" patch is also included (you need this patch to see on-line servers).
  3. Open the file "mplayer.ini" file in the SIERRA\RedBaron3D folder with a text editor and change the [MetaServers] section from


    to the following:

    Server=TCP:rlgb.xs4all.nl:6001 ; Rens
    Server=TCP: ; CamelJock
    Server=TCP: ; Swordfish

    Note 1
    The "//" is a comment symbol which means that the line is ignored by the game. The "dyn-meta.dynamix.com", "rb2.east.won.net", and "rb2.west.won.net" meta-servers no longer exist so those lines can be permanently deleted. The meta-servers in the updated list use a new meta-server program created by Gabi. They are run by members of the Red Baron 3D community.

    Inactive meta-servers should be disabled with "//" to avoid delays when you connect to online flying. If you experience such delays, try commenting out one meta-server at the time until you find out which one is down. Keep in mind that in most cases the meta-servers only go down temporarily, so it may be worth while to try to enable it again after a few days.

    Note 2
    If all meta servers are down, you will not be able to see any of the running Red Baron servers unless you have them listed under the [KnownServer] section of your RB3D mplayer.ini file (in the main RedBaron3D install folder). A copy of my own mplayer.ini file with a list of currently known servers can be found here.
    If  all meta servers are down, you can speed up the display of  Red Baron servers listed under the [KnownServers] section of the mplayer.ini file by commenting out the meta servers in the [MetaServers] section of the mplayer.ini file, otherwise it will take 1 or 2 minutes for the list to show when you start Red Baron. This is what the Metaservers section looks like with the meta servers commented out:

    //Server=TCP:rlgb.xs4all.nl:6001 ; Rens
    //Server=TCP: ; CamelJock
    //Server=TCP: ; Swordfish

  4. Check that the basic game install works in both single player (SP) and multi-player (MMP). If all is OK, then make a backup copy of the SIERRA\RedBaron3D folder and name it e.g. "SIERRA\RedBaron3D backup". If you screw up your game install later, you can then restore it easily by replacing it with the backup copy. You can also use the backup copy to create multiple RB3D installs for patched versions of Red Baron 3D. Just copy the backup RB3D folder and rename it appropriately.
  5. To improve terrain and airplane graphics, download and install the The Promised Land All Seasons Superpatch v1a (PLasV1a).
    There are other high quality plane and terrain graphic patches available, but Promised Land V1a is one of the best and it is an easy all-in-one install.
  6. If you don't like the new engine sounds of the Promised Land V1a superpatch (I don't), then you can also download the Hell's Angels sound files (hasound.zip). They are my favourite sound file set. Installation: Unzip the sound files into the RedBaron3D/Data/Simpatch folder.

    This is it, now you have an install similar to mine. Wasn't too difficult, no?
  7. I recommend reading the following documents:

    Pepe Le Peu on Server Etiquette
    Pepe Le Peu's New Online Player Tips
    LW_Dumbo's Multi-Player Tutorial
    Pepe Le Peu's Combat Views for Vertical Maneuvers
    Energy Management
  1. To start the game without CD:
    When the prompt for the CD comes up click on the top right hand iron cross design 6 times. The game will then run.

    The video sequences shown between campaign missions in SP are not installed on your disk, they are read from the game CD. To  make it possible to run the SP game without the CD, copy the data/video folder on the CD to the Redbaron3D/data/video folder in your game install (-approx. 200MB). This is not necessary for a game install that is only used for MMP, since the video sequences are not used in MMP.
  2. Optional - Hell's Angels Superpatch:

    A very good patch for single player flying is the Hell's Angels Superpatch (HASP):
    I recommend that you make separate fresh RB3D install for HASP. You can use the backup copy to create a new folder named e.g. "RedBaron3D HA" for the HASP install (cf. Step 11 below).
    HASP is not compatible with online MMP flying (it has modified aircraft flight and damage models), but a separate MMP version of the patch can be downloaded from the Hell's Angels web site. Another option is to use my HASP MMP toolkit to make the full HASP install MMP compatible.

    HASP in itself does not include any modified terrain graphics but a separate terrain patch, the OTE 4-seasons scenery, can be downloaded from the HASP web site. HASP can also be combined with the Promised Land V1a superpatch (a very good combination), but then you MUST install the PLV1a patch before HASP.
  3. Optional - Multiple RB3D installs:

    You don't need to have separate installs for SP and MMP unless you patch the SP game with a patch that is not compatible with MMP (i.e. a patch that alters the flight/damage models or the selection of planes). Examples of such patches are Hell's Angels Superpatch (HASP), the Western Front Patch (WFP).
    I have seven separate RB3D installs on my machine with different patch setups ... :-)

    To crate a new separate install, all you have to do is copy the backup RB3D install folder (cf. Step 4 above) and rename the copy appropriately, e.g. "RedBaron3D HASP" if you intend to use it for the Hell's Angels patch.

    To start the game, just click on the SP or MMP executables in the install folder (baron.exe or baronmmp.exe). You can also create short-cuts to these .exe files and put on your desk top or in the Start menu.


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