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Running an RB3D server

This is information and software for running your own Red Baron 3D server
that I have collected over the years. More contributions are welcome!

Sierra RB3D server software
How to set up a server
Registering with meta-servers
Frequently Asked Questions
Other useful documents
Server patches and utilities
Undocumented server functions

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Sierra RB3D server software

This zip file contains the server software by Sierra that was included in the original game CD. I have just added two "cookie" files ("cookie1007.bin" and "cookie1007d.bin") that were published later by Sierra. (The "cookie" files are files used by the server program for security validation checking). Instructions for how to set up a server are included in a text file.

    Server.zip  (1751 kB)

Note: Extract the files with the option "Use folder names" selected to preserve the folder structure.

How to set up a server

This is the "readme" file from Sierra that came with the original server software. It is also included in the zip file download above.
Read this before you start tinkering!

How to set up a server.txt

Registering with meta-servers

A meta-server is a server that keeps track of which game servers are running. If you want people to see your server, you have several options. First, you can give people your IP address directly, and they can look for your server specifically. Second, you can register your server with a Red Baron 3D meta-server. Anyone browsing for games within the game (with this meta-server in the client INI file) will be able to find your game. Sierra/Dynamix originally provided several meta-servers for RB3D MMP, but in 2008 the last of these was shut down.

However, a member of the RB3D community known as Gabi has created a new meta-server program that is now run by several RB3D server operators. Download Gabi's meta-server program here:

    LaserMetaServer_for_RB_v13.zip  (32kB)

To register with a meta-server, look at the bottom of the rb2server.ini file in a section indicated by [RegisterWith]. Entries in this section are of the form protocol:IPaddress:port. The protocol is either UDP or TCP. The IP address can be either a numeric address, or an alias. Finally, the port number is the port that the meta-server is running on, NOT the port number that your server is using. The default meta-server port is 6001.

The following meta-server entries are currently valid (use all of them, since meta-servers may not always be running at each of these addresses):

// * * * * META-SERVER SETTINGS * * * *

TCP:rlgb.xs4all.nl:6001 ; Rens
TCP: ; CamelJock
TCP: ; Swordfish

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a document that I found somewhere on the net a few years ago, but it seems to have disappeared since then. Worth reading!

RB3D Server FAQ.htm

It claims to be a copy of  the FAQ file originally provided by Sierra/Dynamix. I've changed nothing, and to the best of my knowledge all the information is accurate.

Other Useful documents

Two other useful documents have been written by the famous Pepe Le Peu (a.k.a. "the Skunk") :

Pepe Le Peu's Server Ops FAQ   (104 kB) 
A compiled list of common questions and issues that are very helpful to those that wish to run Red Baron servers.

Server Considerations for Tournament Organizers (36 kB)
Understand server capabilities and limitations, and learn to plan events around these capabilities and limitations to reduce problems, administration and manual intervention with respect to rules, server setup, logging, scorekeeping, security, etc.

Server patches and utilities

Red Baron Server NAT Patch (rb2server_NAT_Patch.zip, 161K)
This patch was developed by Kpijon and is used to modify the Red Baron server program so that servers run simultaneously over the Internet and LANs, and can be seen outside LAN firewalls. Documentation is included in the download zip file.
download this file

Red Baron Server NAT Patch version (RBMMP_NAT_Patch_2000.zip, 70K)
This is the latest version of the NAT patch program developed by Kpijon. This version includes a function to find out your WAN (public) IP address, and it also allows you to select which rb2server executable you want to patch.
download this file

Red Baron Server (rb2server1003.zip, 146K)
This is an updated version of the server program originally included in the Red Baron Server Patch from Sierra.  This is the version used by most organized events such as Red Baron World League, etc.  (Note: rb2serverM02 is preferred over this file.)
download this file

Red Baron Server M02 (rb2serverM02.zip, 279K)
This is a modified version of the Sierra's server program provided by Kpijon.  This version reports ALL targets destroyed, not just the "red boxed" ones.  This server program now makes simultaneous bombing possible as well and many other new server options.
download this file

Red Baron Server Manager 2.4.1 (rbSrvMgr241.zip, 6.7 MB)
This is a comprehensive program that contains everything that you need to run a Red Baron server, including all the Red Baron server files. The package also includes a very instructive user manual with lots of info about server setup and configuration.
download this file

Logging and scoring tools

The section contains additional software tools for analysis and post-processing of server logs. If you plan to run an organized RB3D event with scoring, you should check them out.

Red Baron Scoring Utility v3.0.0i Beta (rbScore300iBeta.zip, 2.50M)
This program handles all of the server scoring operations for a wide variety of customized events. It supports scoring for active dromes, different points for each variety of target, penalties for using scouts for bombing and may other features. All data is sent to text files for easy distribution and/or additional formatting. (NOTE: To take full advantage of this program's capabilities, server logs must be generated using the rb2serverM02.exe server program.)
download the program
The latest version is v3.0.0j beta. If you have any earlier beta version, just download the upgrade and unzip the files right over the ones already installed in you system. For new installations, download and install the "i" version. Then download and unzip the "j" version in the same program folder.
download the upgrade

Red Baron Scoring Utility Tutorial (red_baron_scoring_utility_howto.zip, 567 kB)
US95_Pickett has written a tutorial on how to use the Scoring Utility program:
download the tutorial

Red Baron Server Log Distiller Program (RBDistiller.exe, 1MB)
This program was written by EZFlyer. It reads the log files from a Red Baron MMP server, sorts out the "junk", and organizes the actions for each unique pilot name in the server. It also tallies the scores for bombing/dogfighting victories and losses. A manual is also available.
download the program
view the manual

Red Baron World League Scoring Program v3.40 (rbscore340.zip, 205 kB)
This program was written by J13_KPijon for scoring Red Baron World League events. It can also be used to score events that use similar rules.
download the program

Undocumented server functions

This is an interesting document that I downloaded from Rens' RB3D page in 2004 (before it crashed and subsequently was partly restored). The document contains a list of  undocumented server functions (obtained by reverse engineering of the server software) with some additional explanatory notes by Rens:



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