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Swordfish's server rules

Server = UDP:

General rules
Alpine Island

General rules

First of all, the servers that I run are intended for all to have fun ...

These are the major rules that I ask every pilot to follow:

  1. Targets change sides regularly. Please bomb only during your turn (this includes strafing of ground AA guns).
  2. Only active targets  (marked with red square on map) may be bombed.
  3. Rockets may only be used against ground targets, never against aircraft.
  4. Shooting planes on runway or trying to take off is not allowed. Let your opponent get in the air and make at least one turn before you attack him.
  5. Flamers: please start a new life immediately upon flaming (hit Esc - Enter).
  6. The use of smoke is illegal at any time.
  7. Bombing of your own teams aerodromes and targets is illegal.
  8. A polite and profesional attitude is required from all players. This also applies to the in-game chat.
  9. Have fun! Even if you get excited in the heat of the battle, never forget that it is just a game ...

Note: My server logs player activity and uses cheat detection software. I will block griefers or cheaters from play.

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Alpine Island

The Alpine Island server is set up for game play using Sir Alesi's Alpine Island patch . This patch transforms the standard in-game MMP island terrain into a breathtaking alpine landscape with towering mountains and deep canyons. It is great. Cold and beautiful, and a bit scary to take off with a cliff in your face. :-)

For this server, only one special rule applies:

  1. Every player must have Sir Alesi's Alpine Island patch loaded.

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